Our Story

Our Story

it all started because of a breakfast burrito…

Have you ever reflected on tiny, seemingly mundane, decisions you’ve made that actually resulted in massive shifts in you life’s trajectory? That’s how The Alchemy of We came to be.

In late 2015, Megan Rose was living in Seattle, WA, working as a Cardiac Nurse. She was visiting her home state of Idaho for her sister’s wedding and while heading back to Seattle, she had stopped to visit some friends in McCall, a small mountain town. Around 7am on her last day of the trip, as she prepped for her long road trip home, she made the decision forgo the coffee her friend had generously offered to make her and instead stopped at a cozy coffeeshop on here way out of town. She ordered her coffee and just as she was about to pay… she glanced up a the chalkboard menu filled with delicious offerings. “Actually, I’ll have a breakfast burrito too!” she said. And in the 10 minute window of time it took for the burrito to be prepped, she sleepily scrolled through her phone, impulsively landing on the Tinder app – a dating site she was using in Seattle. The first profile that popped up was a wild man with a full, reddish beard and posed dramatically with a dog acrobatically propped on his shoulders. Struck by the spark of intrigue and aliveness that bubbled up in seeing his profile, she swiped “yes” and then suddenly realized it made no sense for her to be searching in this location based dating app in this little town 10 hours from her home in Seattle! She snagged her burrito and hit the road. 30 min later, she received a “ding” notifying her that said “wild man”,  aptly named Brave Legend, had also swiped “yes” and the match began. 

The two began texting, tilling the soil of emotional intimacy and intrigue, and the seed of the relationship germinated for a month before finally meeting for the first time in person. 

Stayed tuned for the next chapter of our journey together…

Megan Rose + Brave Legend


Our mission is to create a world of Joy and prosperity through utilizing tools of emotional intelligence.


In 50 years we’ll have overcome the most difficult adversities that have faced our planet because we chose to listen to each other in service of understanding, rather than trying to prove who was more right. 


  • Willingness: the quality or state of being prepared to do something; readiness.
  • Integrity: the quality of alignment thoughts and words with actions.
  • Compassion: the willingness to listen and even suffer a little so another person can suffer less.