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The Alchemy of We

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What’s Wrong with Relationships Today?

We are living in a world of increased disconnection and isolation where making sense of how another person is understanding the world is becoming increasingly more difficult to do.   

What’s the solution? Go back to the basics… You’re missing the fundamental building blocks for a healthy adult development. Parents, education, institutions likely never taught you how to listen to understand prior to trying to be understood, and the result is some bad break-ups, hurt feelings, and jaded out looks on love. 

Is this the outcome that you want? No, it’s not… That’s why you’re here. You’re seeking another way. A better way, you’d like a way to turn the lead of your relationship that’s dragging you down, into gold, that lifts your spirits and has you dreaming about the future abundant with possibilities.  

Is it hard to get started? It’s simple actually. We always want to start simple and then we add complexity over time. In time things may become challenging, but usually  that means your receiving greater rewards. If it’s hard you’re doing it wrong. 

Where to start? You’ve already started, you’re here, now and that shows your willingness to engage in the journey now take it one step at a time. Just follow the next best step. 


What does it mean to be in a healthy relationship?

Isn’t it  obvious? I’m a human being. Being in a relationship just means finding the person I best get along with and making a commitment to be together. Right? 

Yes, that’s right on an overly simplistic level. The truth is, things like relationships are never simple. Why, because we are complex human beings with radically different and unique life experiences that come with a lot of baggage which sometimes include trauma that makes it difficult to relate to each other, especially when we are experiencing challenging circumstances.

What makes the biggest difference in a healthy relationship vs a toxic relationship? Information…  Do you have the right information to make this relationship work out in the best possible way? Are you willing to implement that information into an effective strategy for creating a deeply loving and respectful relationship? Are you willing to let all of that information change the way you live day to day so you can enjoy your life? 

If the answer is yes to these questions above click the link to start learning more and deepen your journey together.

information vs application

Learning about what’s possible is only part of the journey; applying it to your life is where the magic happens. This is where the the lead turns into gold. Lasting benefits lie in your ability and willingness to take education and put it into action.  

As with all areas of mastery, integration of new skillsets, tools, habits and ultimately cultivating new ways of being, take dedication to active practice –  as with the path of the intern, the apprentice, the mentee. We provide the experiential pathway for you to practice what you’ve learned in a “gameified” environment , so you can make mistakes before it matters, and have fun along the way. 

Are you  ready to put it into action? 

The core of any building is build on a solid foundation. The foundation of The Alchemy of We is built on our core values. What are  yours? 

Call to Action

It’s time for  you to lead your best life. 

It’s time to have the best sex.

It’s time for everything to change. 

Are you ready?