Work with Us

Work with Us

Relating Operating system Primer Course

Build a foundation on solid ground. During this primer course, you’ll learn the 4 key pillars to navigating emotional intelligence for conscious, authentic and dynamic relationships.

A prerequisite for all coaching and workshop experiences with us. 

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1 on 1 Coaching

You are gloriously and uniquely destined to live your best life as you choose. Invest in yourself for a lifetime of fulfilling connections and authentic inner alignment through our high-touch, high-impact 1:1 coaching programs. You’ll receive accelerated pattern breakthroughs, expansive identity shifts, and inside-out leadership development in your very own customized container.

Limited space available with either Brave Legend or Megan Rose. Schedule an interview to learn more.   

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Quad Relationship Coaching

The most effective way to transform patterns is to become aware of them in real time. To lift out of the matrix you’re operating in, expand your awareness, and consciously choose how you want to be and behave in the world. 

Our 2:2 Quad Relationship Coaching sessions are dynamic, real time opportunities to slow down with your partner and invigorate your unique relationship through compassion, honesty and liberation from conflict into intimacy. Brave and Megan Rose create a powerful container you both to be heard, seen and gently challenged into greater maturity as individuals and as couple. 

Schedule a Relationship Breakthrough Session with us to get started. Limited space available. 

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Enneagram Experiences

The enneagram is a powerful, in-depth framework that offers a pathway to profound self-awareness, shifting unconscious patterns and improving relationships through understanding and honoring of our individual uniqueness.

We offer Enneagram assessments and coaching for both individuals, couples and groups. 


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Contact us for any questions. 

Here are some common ones from our customers.

Do you only work with monogamous couples?

No, we welcome clients from all relationship structures, from single individuals to married folks to ethical polyamory polycules. What we care about is the health and happiness of everyone in the relationship and finding the structures and agreements that serve best. 

Are you licensed therapists or counselors?

No, we are not and don’t plan to be. We derive our coaching practice from many different trainings in conscious relating, social technologies and personal development communities. The most powerful source of our coaching framework comes from our own lived experience being in our ever-evolving relationship, our commitment to really walking the talk and staying wildly curious about what brings our clients the best results. Read “About Us” for our specific educational background as well. 

Does this stuff really work?

Absolutely, and potentially beyond your wildest dreams. However, coaching is not a magical pill, but rather an accelerator to get you where you want to be. It works 100% of the time when you take personal responsibility to apply it 100% in your life.