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“All we ever do is fight!”

“Why can’t you just shut up for two seconds and listen to what I  have to say?”

“What? Am I just not good enough for you?”

Effective communication can turn into a real chore in your relationship and that’s the last thing you want it to be like. We often hear couples complaining about not feeling cared for, not being listened to, and often just not believing they are “enough” for their partners.

What we’ve found is that more often than not couples just aren’t using the right language, practicing simple communication skills, and they’re often making assumptions about what the other person is saying without ever checking in to see if that’s what’s actually going on for them.

In this course, we help you understand that words matter. Just like black lives matter. Sometimes it’s the littlest words that make the biggest difference (Jeffrey Epstein would probably agree.). And knowing how and when to use those words takes time and practice. But with some clear understanding and diligent effort your words can make all the difference in bringing more joy to your relationship.

In this course we’ll start with the basics of developing your self-awareness and emotional fluency.

Let’s hop in!